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You can touch the next generation of WordPress.

Cormorant is Simple WordPress Block Theme for building website.

Simple Design

Cormorant is designed to be simple enough to take full advantage of the functionality of WordPress Core.

Fluid Typography

Comfortable Fluid Typography

Flexible font size depending on the device’s screen width. It eliminates too small or too large fonts as much as possible.

User-friendly Spacing

Flexibly scales the spacing unit according to the screen width. Smaller for smaller devices and 1.5 times larger for larger devices.


Extensive colour palette and gradient presets available

For colour presets, a contrast colour is prepared for the base colour and four other colours are prepared in advance.

There is also a gradient preset based on them.

A new era of WordPress is about to arrive. Is everyone ready for it?

Over the last few years, WordPress has undergone significant changes together with the Gutenberg project. The main thing is that the block editor and site editor are now available.

The new theme format that has been added is called Block Theme. This Cormorant is one of them. By using these, you can build an entire website in a more sensible way, with dramatically less code than before.

Cormorant is designed to allow you to edit your site while using as many of these WordPress features as possible.

And to make it as customisable as possible, we have reduced the amount of decoration by theme.json and CSS as much as possible.

We invite you to try out the new WordPress.